Thousand of Beautiful Frames to Choose From


Design, material and treatments are the three components that make up a pair of prescription lenses. It is important to select the right blend of these elements for your particular visual needs and always consult with your eye care professional.

The knowledgeable staff at La Puente Optometry Center will consider long-term wearing comfort, style, features and function when suggesting a new pair of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses become as unique as the person taking them home.

Eyeglass Lenses

Selecting the right eyeglass lens depends largely on its purpose. From single vision lenses to progressive polycarbonate lenses, we are happy to help you find what best suits your needs. Regardless of your situation, Dr. Andrew Chong OD can help determine what types of lenses will work best for you in terms of comfort, function and design.

Frame Styles

When choosing a frame, the shape and size of the frame should enhance the color of your eyes. As well as complement your skin tone and your face shape features.

Most people need more than one pair of glasses. Such as everyday wear, outdoor activities, weekend pair or simply style. Having different style frames for different activities and moods makes wearing glasses more fun.
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With a wide variety of lens, you can customize your sunglasses to meet your vision, protection, performance and style. Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is present even on cloudy days. Quality sunglasses provide 100 percent UV protection and can significantly reduce the risk of vision problems caused by sunlight such as cataracts and retinal damage.

Glare an issue that makes it problematic to see objects clearly by washing out colors and details, can be fought by polarized lenses. Looking at a scene with polarized lenses, you'll notice the colors are deeper, richer and bolder, and details are clearer and more distinct. Polarized lenses help reduce squinting, resulting in eye fatigue, tension and eyestrain.
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Anti-Reflective Lenses

Prescription users commonly encounter irritating glare and reflections caused by light bouncing off their lenses. This glare makes it more difficult to see, especially at night. Anti-reflective lenses reduce these reflections allowing more light to pass through to your eyes.

All lens surfaces naturally reflect light and this reflection can prevent between seven to 14 percent of light needed for optimal vision. Wearing non-AR lenses is like trying to read a book in a dimly lit room. Since AR lenses allow extra light to reach your eyes by reducing reflections, it's like turning up the lights in a room, making it calmer to see.